Nikki to the Moon

everything is possible


Me writing …

Sunshine in the clouds …

Looking out a small window.

I see sunshine in the clouds.

Travelling to a place.

A flight from busy times.

Two feet in the sand.

Sun on my face.

A desire to enjoy.


5 foto mond groot Sunshine in the clouds

Lights …

Lights, faster and faster,

Turning into one line.

A journey in my mind,


To a future of words.

My life, my book.


Foto 10-05-17 20 10 57 (1)

Sun Wind See

Feel the sun

Smel the wind

Taste the see

Chairs in the sun, remembering thoughts.

Happiness in our mind.

With love,


Bestand 14-03-17 12 24 27

Sometimes in life …

Sometimes in life

Searching old and new


falling, unexpectedly

Finding lifes


With love,



Bestand 14-03-17 12 22 59

Staring at the moon …

This would be my view

Together with you

Both our own dreams

Silent as it seams

Understanding in our minds

Leading love in our lifes

With love,


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