Nikki to the Moon

everything is possible


Me writing …

My life, your life

Different roads, but

The same direction.

An unknown destination, but

The same mindset.


An unwritten book, but

The pages are full.

Same time, but

No time to waste.


Everyday with you, but

Only in our minds .

Love hurts, but

Pain seams like joy.


My road, our journey


Sunshine in the clouds …

Looking out a small window.

I see sunshine in the clouds.

Travelling to a place.

A flight from busy times.

Two feet in the sand.

Sun on my face.

A desire to enjoy.


5 foto mond groot Sunshine in the clouds

Lights …

Lights, faster and faster,

Turning into one line.

A journey in my mind,


To a future of words.

My life, my book.


Foto 10-05-17 20 10 57 (1)

Sun Wind See

Feel the sun

Smel the wind

Taste the see

Chairs in the sun, remembering thoughts.

Happiness in our mind.

With love,


Bestand 14-03-17 12 24 27

Sometimes in life …

Sometimes in life

Searching old and new


falling, unexpectedly

Finding lifes


With love,



Bestand 14-03-17 12 22 59

Staring at the moon …

This would be my view

Together with you

Both our own dreams

Silent as it seams

Understanding in our minds

Leading love in our lifes

With love,


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